Poetry of Chase Gagnon

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Runner Up in Shamrock Reader's Choice Awards 

forgotten battlefield

a crash of thunder 

shakes the grass 

Editor's Choice in Cattails 

last embers
falling from the incense--
end of autumn

2nd prize in Sharpening the Green Pencil Contest (2014)

humid night...

a tadpole breaks the surface

of ancient stars

Editor's Favorite  in Cattails Youth Section

as if the moon

had a hundred moons...

lantern festival

Poem of the Day on DarkPoetry.com

The First Time I Saw You in a Dress

I touch your face in the casket
and feel the bone just below.
Soon you’ll be a skeleton in a blue dress
and the smile I loved since birth
will peek at me between the aisles
of Walmart around Halloween.

It will be your new face, come October
I’m not sure how long it takes
but once I close the lid
you’ll never be the same.

I shouldn’t have come
because this is how I’ll picture you now
and it doesn’t even look like you.
I’m asking you to haunt me, like you promised.
You said when you die I’ll feel you in the breeze
but it’s March
and the wind is cold.