Poetry of Chase Gagnon

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About Chase

I was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1995. I spent most of my childhood moving from house to house in and around Detroit. Staying at a house for less than a year, usually, and along with problems in my family I developed severe depression and started writing as a way to cope.

My school years discouraged me from submitting my poetry. I failed all of my classes consistently and felt stupid. This was probably due to bad attendance and changing schools every time I moved. But at the time I didn't realize that... and having teachers constantly say that I'll never make anything of myself was discouraging as well.

I finally had the boost of confidence I needed when I was assigned to write a poem for English Class in high school. So I went home, wrote a poem and handed it in the next day. A few days later the teacher called me up to the desk and said "Chase, do you think I'm stupid?" I replied by asking what she meant. She went on to accuse me of stealing my poem from the internet, saying it was too good and that "a student like you could never write something like this". I stuck to my story and ended up failing the assignment.

With that odd boost of confidence I started submitting my poetry, and taking part in online forums. And that has led me to places I thought I would never be. I have met amazing friends, won awards, and collaborated with some of the best modern haiku and tanka poets. I have so much to learn and I look forward to spending the rest of my life writing, reading, and learning from other poets.